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Make A Room Look Bigger - A ‘How To’ Guide

Anyone who has ever decorated a small room knows how fun it can be, and how amazing a small, cozy space can look and feel. However, it also comes with the challenge of making the most out of a small space and making a room look bigger.

There are many reasons why small rooms work better for many people: they are easier to keep clean, easier to decorate, and much easier to organize. If you want to make a small room look bigger without losing its charm, we've prepared a set of tips that will teach you how to make a small room look bigger.

Colors to make a small room look bigger

The colors you use in your room can make all the difference in the way space is perceived. Light, soft colors make small rooms look bigger by expanding space visually. A color palette you should consider includes neutral, light colors.

Dark and warm colors will make your room feel intimate and cozy, while medium shades tend to make a space look smaller than it is. Light colors make a space feel open and airy. However, contrasting colors add depth and extra space visually. If you use bright white for the walls and add deep dark details for decorations, you will create a contrast that will make a small room look larger.  A monochromatic color scheme is also a good choice if you want to make a small room look bigger.

Mirrors and lighting

Whether it's natural or artificial, good lighting will make your room look bigger regardless of its actual size. Remove all heavy draperies and leave the window space wide open so the outdoor light can enter the room. Add a cute lamp or install recessed lighting. Reflective surfaces also make a room look bigger, so details like a large mirror on the wall can make a big difference. A standing mirror against a wall will give a space-enlarging effect similar to that of a mirrored wall, but with extra style. It will reflect the light and room, and as a result, it will give the whole room a more open feel. You can get a similar effect with a mirrored chest of drawers.

Emphasize vertical space

Whether it's a bare hanging bulb or an artsy tall shelf, including one object that emphasizes the vertical space will make a small room look bigger. If you want to create a feeling of openness in a room, choose furniture that's lower to the ground and leaves a lot of free vertical space. It will give the room a visual enlargement just because it frees so much space above the piece of furniture. You can make a small living room look bigger if you embrace the mid-century low-to-the-ground pieces of furniture and pair them up with tall elements. Placing a big, interesting painting on a plain white wall drawing attention to the open wall around it will also create an illusion of wider space.

Declutter and simplify

If you wonder how to make your room look bigger without spending a cent, the answer lies in simplicity and a minimalistic approach. Nothing will make space feel more uncomfortably small than having too many things lying around. Organize your collections out of view and place your stuff behind doors, drawers, shelves and table skirts. Get rid of everything you never use and don't need. Once you neatly arrange everything and keep it out of sight, you will have more free space in the room and it will make the room feel open. Cluttering a small room won't make it cozy – it will make it cramped. Make sure to always leave enough empty space to give your room an airy look.

The right furniture to make a room look bigger

Out of all ideas to make a small room look bigger, choosing furniture that's low to the ground may be the most effective one. If you want to make your bedroom look bigger, choose a loft bed or a bed that's only a little away from placing a bare mattress on the floor. An armless open chair, a low Mad Men-style table, or an ottoman paired with tall pieces placed against a wall will create the illusion of a more open, wide space. Funky 19th-century furniture is also mostly low profile, so if you are more of a romantic, you may find it interesting. Streamlined furniture lets air and light flow under, beneath, and around it so it often appears as it floats in space, making the room look larger.

Light, breezy fabrics

Anyone who wants to make space appear bigger needs to avoid heavy fabrics. While they may work in spacious rooms, heavy drapers and thick curtains will weigh the room down and absorb all the light necessary for making space appear larger. You should always choose lightweight materials for small rooms, such as sheer fabrics for curtains, table covers, and bed skirts. They will let the light from the window pass through them without capturing and absorbing it. Keep the look simple by choosing soft floral patterns or simple stripes in soft pastel colors. Linen is an excellent example of a material that's light and sheer. It makes a room appear larger by increasing the sense of openness in it.

Main Line Homes

While optical tips will certainly make your space look bigger, sometimes what you need is a space that is, in fact, well... bigger! From Wynnewood's tree-shaded streets and stately, stone Colonial homes to Bryn Mawr’s lofty estates, we have you covered. For spacious homes, rich in PA charm, contact a Main Line Homes representative today.

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