The realization of moving hits a few weeks in, after the mover has unloaded your belongings, it stops feeling like a vacation, and you realize you’re there. You’re home, just one you don’t recognize as such yet. What can be a stressful experience to begin with becomes even more trying when it’s in a new and unfamiliar place.

But there are benefits, and out of trial comes triumph. Other than the obvious benefits of trying new things and the opportunities that can come from a move, moving to a new place has its advantages.

On the surface, one of the easiest things to do is to meet new people, and yet one of the hardest things to do is meet who will become your new people. Regardless of who you meet, the plain fact that they are new is the key here. Gaining friends not only means your list of friends grows, but that you have one more place in the world with friends with whom you can have dinner or stay with when visiting.

With new people come new ideas, new opinions, and even new phrases from different parts of the world, and being exposed to them can only help with an understanding of the world and becoming more well-rounded. Seeing new ways of life can make you understand yours better, or vice versa, cause you to question your own habits and customs.

Moving often comes with the opportunity to try new things inside your home as well. If you had a junk removal service clean out your old place prior to moving, then decorating can be a fun project. Finding stores with the supplies necessary will help you explore the town and decorating will help you pass the time while getting accustomed to your surroundings.

Depending on how often a move comes along, it might triumph the need to travel. Having a new backyard to explore, with new-to-you local attractions, can be enough for some people to save the far-flung exotic vacation for later. There will likely be state parks to visit, a new downtown to walk through and new back roads to find.

Particularly if you move to a new place alone, there’s a chance it’ll be a lonely period. This is when people learn about themselves and how they react in new situations, especially in lonely and stressful situations. Until there’s a new support group, or unless you’ve been floating through life more or less alone for a while, it’ll more than likely be a time of reflection, and maybe even research about the new place you’re stepping into.

After enough research is done, you’ll learn about your new surroundings and it won’t be so new. In anthropology, the simplest form of learning is called habituation. It happens when a new stimulus isn’t regarded as “new” anymore, and instead seems normal. Eventually, a change of scenery, different customs or new friends won’t seem new and a new home really will seem like home.

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