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Things to do in Philadelphia

Philadelphia offers a large assortment of things to do; here is a comprehensive guide of things to do in Philadelphia.

Food and booze:

  • Reading Terminal Market - Any Philadelphia native knows that neither Pat’s, nor Gino’s, are worth waiting in line for god knows how long and fighting endless tourists confused by the cheese whiz on their sub. The one sub that is worth it is the roast pork, with sharp provolone and perfectly garlicky broccoli rabe from DiNic’s in Reading Terminal Market. But while you’re there taking in the sights and smells for the last time as a local, don’t stop at the sandwich. Slurp your last oysters from Pearl’s Oyster Bar, grab fried mac n’ cheese from Beck’s Cajun Café, and an Amish-style pretzel and homemade lemonade from Miller’s Twist.
  • La Colombe – Okay, by now La Colombe has locations in a few other cities like NYC, Boston, D.C., LA, and Chicago, but there’s nothing quite like the original. Head in for a final favorite latte or macchiato and an almond croissant, just in case you don’t find yourself near one in your new city.
  • Dock Street Brewery – Get your last classic Philly beer while you can. Dock Street Brewery in West Philadelphia has the freshest beer coming straight from the room next door, which you can enjoy with some of the best pizza in the city as well. Or, head next door to the brand new cannery and lounge for a more casual and beer-focused experience.
  • John’s Water Ice – Philly is one of the only cities you can get water ice (NOT Italian ice), let alone the best water ice you’ve ever tasted. Don’t forget to get your last scoop of lemon before you leave it behind, maybe forever.

Touristy things:

  • Liberty Bell – Have you ever actually seen it? Yes, it is smaller than you once thought, and yes, there will be plenty of tourists taking photos with it, but it’s worth seeing the foundations of your city (and country) at Independence Hall one last time before jetting off to newer, less historic places.
  • Live Music – Catch your favorite local Philly band in the city for the last time and hope they make it to fame. Return to old haunts like the Trocadero Theater, Johnny Brenda’s, Milkboy and Kung Fu Necktie.
  • Segway tour – Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. By far the best way to get a last view of the city you’ve called home is to ride around on a Segway with a bunch of tourists. Their fascination with your former home will remind you why you lived here so long (or maybe why you’re leaving). Or perhaps you’ll learn something new, an interesting fact or tidbit to share with your new friends in your new city.
  • Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens – By far the most Instagram-worthy spot in Philly, the Magic Gardens never lose their charm, you just don’t want to have to pay to go there as a local. But, as a last hurrah to the city, it’s worth heading back once more for your final Philadelphia Instagram or Snapchat post.
  • Eastern State Penitentiary – Your new city may have some spooky stories, but it can’t be creepier than Eastern State Penitentiary, former home to some of America’s most notorious criminals. If you’re not into spooky stuff, this might not be on your list of last places to visit in Philadelphia, but it’s definitely unlike anywhere else in the world. And if you’re leaving anytime around Halloween, Terror Behind the Walls will give you one last spook in the city.
  • All the parks – Before you go, return to the free, relaxing parks you used to spend sunny afternoons in. From Love Park, to Washington Square, to Fairmount, each one is worth one more picnic or bask in the sun.

From outdoor adventures in the parks, gardens, zoos or waterfront views, to the uniquely charming restaurants, museums, and monuments, there are things to do in Philly that you can’t do anywhere else. Not to mention food, drink and water ice that you certainly won’t find in another place.

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