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Tips to Get Your Home Ready For Sale

If you are getting ready to sell your home, here are some helpful selling tips. Call me if you would like me to show you how best to get your home ready to sell and for a listing presentation.

Contact Janis at (610) 642-3744 or e-mail at Janis@MainLineHomes.com, for details on how best to get your home ready to sell.



Get Ready To Show
In An Hour

If your home is on the market — or you’re thinking about selling — it’s a great idea to have a plan to get it ready to show in short order when the phone call comes that buyers want to take a tour. The secret, of course, is to fix up your home to show-time condition before prospects call. Here are some quick check points to get “ready to show” in less than an hour. One key to swiftness is to have a bucket with all cleaning solutions, rags/sponges, paper towels and brushes that you can grab and go. Save even more time by assigning certain rooms to different family members. And, if you do these tasks each day, your drill will go that much easier!

• Clear all clutter from counters and tables. If you can’t put everything in its place quickly, store in bins or bags in out-of-the-way areas.
• Wipe down counters and appliances to clear food stains and dust.
• Put dirty dishes in dishwasher and clean sink and faucet.
• Put away all food items.
• Wipe up food stains from floor. Sweep floor with broom or power sweeper.
• Wipe table.
• Hang new dish towel (and put old ones in laundry).
• Take out the garbage and recycling.
• Turn on all lights.

• Brush toilet quickly and flush.
• Clean off counter and put all products inside vanity.
• Lock away all medicines.
• Clean mirror with window cleaner.
• Quickly wipe down floor area, especially in corners.
• Hang new towels (and put old ones in laundry).
• Turn on lights.

• Make bed.
• Clear dirty clothes and put them in laundry.
• Hang/put away all other clothes and shoes in closet.
• Check floor for other small things you can pick up or put away.
• Open window treatments.
• Turn on all lights.

Living Room/Den/Dining Room/Study
• Clear clutter and if you can’t put it all away, store in bins or bags elsewhere.
• Sort all like items together — books with books, toys arranged in a corner, magazines stacked, etc.
• Dust all flat surfaces, including electronics.
• Store small electronics in a secure place.
• Fluff pillows, fold throws.
• Open window treatments.
• Turn on all lights.

Entry Way
• Hang coats, arrange shoes neatly, hang bags.
• Wipe down all flat surfaces.
• Sweep floor/carpet.
• Shake out door mat outside.
• Turn on light.

Lock up pet(s) — or take them with you.

Contact Janis at (610) 642-3744 or e-mail at Janis@MainLineHomes.com, for details on how best to get your home ready to sell.




Market Your Home’s Outside For A Top-Dollar Sale Never judge a book by its cover. We all say that, but we do it nonetheless. So too, home buyers will judge your home before they even drive up to the curb. They’ll view the exterior of your home online and instantly decide to click on its description and interior photos...or move on. If your home doesn’t photograph well, you’re likely to lose buyers who will harshly dismiss it early on. Even if the photo looks great online, if they drive up to your home and it’s not sharp in-person, they may just keep on driving — never to return. What can you do to ensure your home looks great on the outside? You are probably familiar with staging your home on the inside, where you make each room picture perfect (think model home) using the items you already have while storing away items that don’t contribute to “the look.” In today’s market, smart sellers take those same merchandising ideas and apply them to the outside of homes.

Think like a buyer who is walking up to your front door — and start taking notes. Then consider how much better your home would look if you implemented even a handful of the following ideas.

Front Door
• Sweep around the front door step, and be sure all hardscaping is perfect from sidewalks and steps to borders and paths.
• Give your front door a good washing — or a coat of stain or paint.
• Replace the door knob, kick plate, door knocker, mail slot.
• If your key sticks or you need to “jiggle” it to work, oil or replace the lock.
• Make sure the doorbell works and the housing isn’t cracked or peeling paint.
• Add a new mat, wreath on the door and a potted plant nearby.

Windows & Trim
• Check the roof and inquire with a local handyman or roofing company on how best to remove mildew, moss or dirt from shingles.
• Clean the gutters and down spouts — and clean up the mess that can arise after this cleaning!
• Pressure-wash the exterior of your home to get rid of dirt, moss, spider webs and mildew.
• Inspect windows, trim, door frames, hand railings, etc. and have any peeling paint sanded and painted.
• Hire a window cleaner to get all the windows sparkling clean.
• Repair or replace torn or stretched screens.
• Repair, replace or remove decorative shutters and trim.
• Ensure all doors — including garage doors — are easily accessible, clean and easy to open, close and lock.

• Hire a company to professionally trim landscaping, edge, mulch, fertilize, remove weeds and cut your lawn regularly (or do it yourself like a pro).
• Make sure all windows, doors and special features of the house are not blocked by bushes, trees or overhanging greenery.
• If you need some color around the front of your home, add potted or in-ground plants in bloom.
• Be sure to remove yard debris on a regular basis and rake up clippings and leaves

Outdoor Living
• If you have a deck, patio, gazebo, walkways or other seating area, be sure it’s swept, perhaps even power washed.
• Set up seating/dining areas as though an outdoor party could spontaneously happen.
• Keep all chairs and tables set up in an organized fashion.
• Gather all kids’ toys and store them in a garage, shed or in a neat pile in a corner of the yard.
• Be sure the playground — if you have one — is in working order; tighten screws, oil hinges, paint or replace elements as necessary.
• If you have a pool, make sure it shines by hiring a company to get it cleaned up and ready to go for the new owners.
• Pay the same attention to spas/outdoor hot tubs and other water features.

Other Tips
• Hide garbage cans and recycling bins behind the house or in the garage or carport.
• Wind hoses and put away sprinklers after use.
• Put away all yard tools and machines.
• Make sure there are no standing pools of water, weeds and leaves, yard waste and unwanted items lying around.

If you address these items, buyers will find your home welcoming, and they’ll want to go inside to see more.

Contact Janis at (610) 642-3744 or e-mail at Janis@MainLineHomes.com, for details on how best to get your home ready to sell.



Ready To Sell?
Buyers Are Standing By

If you’re thinking of selling your home this year, now might be an ideal time, depending on your situation. As a homeowner, you might not realize that the local inventory of homes is lower that it has been, meaning that buyers are having a harder time finding homes that fit their needs and budget. Sellers who have move-in-condition homes that are priced right are finding their homes selling quickly, some having the “problem” of multiple offers to choose from. No matter your situation, contact us in confidence for a no-obligation comparative market analysis of your home. We can tell you how much your home is worth in today’s market — and we might even have a buyer waiting for it!

Contact Janis at (610) 642-3744 or e-mail at Janis@MainLineHomes.com, for details on how best to get your home ready to sell.


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